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The answer should be obvious.

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Ed loves Mori soooo much

“And other ills, in countless multitude,
Thou seest not yet, on thee and on thy seed
Shall fall alike. Vent forth thy wrath then loud,
On Creon and on me. There lives not man
Who wastes his life more wretchedly than thou.”

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This a preview and tiramisu SUCKS

“In the beginning the Great Moon Rabbit created the moon and the field. The field was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the green; and the Spirit of the Great Moon Rabbit was moving over the face of the grass. And the Great Moon Rabbit said, ‘Let there be cake’; and there was cake.”

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Yeah, thousand of us. All of us girls and oh-so-horny. Love you long time.

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UJ14 is nameless

Name: UJ14
Series: PSE Products
Sculptor: No clue, designed by Range Murata
Maker: Beagle/Vice
Figure Type: 1/8 scale PVC
First Release: November 2006
Purchase Price: $40 US (sale)
Purchased From: AnimeNation

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Welcome to the Velvet Room

“I’m calling to inform you of a change in Alter’s line-up…I believe a 1/8 PVC figure of Yours Truly is now being created…I thought you might like to know. I wish you a safe purchase.”

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Even if we can’t fly, it’s no problem:

Because we unravelled the candles' flames! Because we won't leave the secret there forever! Because we want sashay and dance eternal! Because we'll watch the world's end supernova!

Because we're Rabbits.


I love cute things and pretty things and megaten and artbooks and figures and bunnies and I can't draw but I can copy. I hate nothingness.

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