UJ14 is nameless

Name: UJ14
Series: PSE Products
Sculptor: No clue, designed by Range Murata
Maker: Beagle/Vice
Figure Type: 1/8 scale PVC
First Release: November 2006
Purchase Price: $40 US (sale)
Purchased From: AnimeNation

funny_bunny: I, funbuns, am pleased to bring the first Rabbit Review of Villa Leporidae. This is a very solemn occasion and as such, I bring my dear friend nde to assist in the ceremonies.

nde: Hi.

funny_bunny: Pray tell, nde, what do you think of superstar artist Range Murata?

nde: I like him.

funny_bunny: If I were to give you the secret sex sketches of Mr. Range, would you sell them for megabux or keep them for your own personal pleasures?

nde: I think they’d get passed around. We don’t get much privacy around here.

funny_bunny: Indeed! Look at your fiendish imouto, walking around in a bathrobe and boxers, ignoring the two strapping young bucks plus two does watching her ecchi form!

prettyprophet: Fucking hell, Pat butchers jap enough, don’t you start.

funny_bunny: The does are Nyx and Peking Duck.

nde: I don’t think they’re going to say much.

Peking Duck: Hey, I don’t think YOU say much. Even though you should, because you’re insightful, not like your friend here.

funny_bunny: Nay, my precious Peking Duck, my words contain incredible magic. Like a treasure chest in the gullet of Jack Sparrow.

nde: The last kiss of broken lovers.

funny_bunny: When is love not broken? Shattered?

nde: I don’t know.

funny_bunny: It can be no other way. Perfection is but a dream!

nde: What about figures?

funny_bunny: Ah…figures.

UJ14 is PSE

funny_bunny: FIGURES.

nde: She seems rather lacking of emotion.

funny_bunny: Looking into a mirror? But I jest, for I know of your true fire!

nde: Thanks.

funny_bunny: Yes, UJ14…she was a gift! A gift from the amazing Aerith’s Bitch!

UJ14 is sexual

funny_bunny: What subtle sexuality!

nde: Distracted.

funny_bunny: Mirror?

nde: Maybe.

funny_bunny: This is what nde would look like should he be a loli retro-mecha doll. Gets the jollies all up!

UJ14 is wanted

nde: I wonder why she’s called UJ14.

funny_bunny: “Unlimited Joy” #14. The only working prototype of an experimental sex robot series. The project was scrapped due to mass protest against the moral implications, thus shelving UJ14 away forever! But a boy in the April of his fifteenth year stumbles upon this sleeping beauty…what travails await them? What suffering? What salvation?

nde: Headphones?

funny_bunny: Music quenches her thirst, her hunger. It is her lifeblood and she sings without feeling anything.

nde: Her personal pain was never taken into consideration. She existed not for herself, but for others.

funny_bunny: Is that not the most wonderful life? To be needed, to be wanted?

nde: Until we can give no more.

UJ14 is cyborg

funny_bunny: Gaze! To far away lands, to the beyond. What does she see?

nde: Nothing, perhaps. How human can she be?

funny_bunny: Human? Humanity is not the measure of all things!

nde: I think it is.

UJ14 is futurism

funny_bunny: Beauty, dear nde, beauty. What human purpose could that device burden her with?

nde: To keep her alive?

funny_bunny: All that steel, plastic, and synthesis! Is not more fabulous than flesh? The flesh is weak and falls prey to exhaustion. UJ14 shall never break, never tire…is what holstein would say, fufufu.

UJ14 is trap

funny_bunny: Do you not wish to embrace this one?

nde: Is she so truly vulnerable?

funny_bunny: Is she?

nde: Isn’t it rooted within to protect the meek?

funny_bunny: And destroy!

UJ14 is buttocks

funny_bunny: But how can the meek have such posterior?

nde: I suppose she has a soft behind.

funny_bunny: A thousand courtesans provided the raw data.

UJ14 is alone in her castle

nde: I wonder if she gets lonely.

funny_bunny: But of course! She is the only one of her kind and she will never die. The boy in the April of his fifteenth year…time and blood shall ravage him. And she will never die.

nde: I think we all die alone.

funny_bunny: Who won’t?

UJ14 is not touching herself

funny_bunny: Oh! Tricksies she played on us!

nde: No contact.

funny_bunny: Do we need contact?

UJ14 is thinking

nde: What of her blush?

funny_bunny: Could this be her moment of melancholy following her…exertions?

nde: So she thinks.

funny_bunny: And exists. Good on her!

UJ14 is Cora

funny_bunny: So? Now that you’ve seen what I have to show, what do you believe in?

nde: I believe in Murata’s eyes.

funny_bunny: Does UJ14 have such eyes? Also, Form Code scans from burnt-fish!

nde: She does not express.

funny_bunny: Lamentations of the limitations! Even the engineered have flaws.

nde: Was she not meant to be cold?

funny_bunny: Yet not frigid! UJ14, you must stay cool! Stay distant! Stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!

UJ14 is lamenting the innocence

UJ14 is ultimate joy

UJ14 is Murata-esque

funny_bunny addendum: Now that you’ve read all THAT, take a look at a SEX review with SEX photography!

UJ14 is not pictured