Heart warming life simulation!

Ages ago, there was a game called Harvest Moon. It was on the SNES and it was hard as hell. Fast forward several years and we got Tree of Tranquility. Oh sure, there were tons of other games in between…but we’re playing this right now because no one likes playing Island of Happiness.

Chea, nde just bought it over the weekend…so naturally, I’ve been hogging it. I’m in summer now. They really need to add more save slots; I use only one, but nde likes to use two. Dawg, what happens if you’ve got a ton of housemates like ed?

Oh shit, I’m sorry, this isn’t really much of a roundtable. Probably because we’re all busy as hell now and don’t have time for this. Instead, it’s just going to be a wrap-up of the Tree of Tranquility love stories for everyone:

Lavie Rhap’s Story
Sex: Female
Choices as of this date: Gill or Toby
If replayed as male: Anissa

Lavie says: I finally bought a Wii thanks to nde when I expressed my desire to try out a console Harvest Moon. Sadly, we couldn’t find Magical Melody or A Wonderful Life being sold for a reasonable price, so I bought Tree of Tranquility, rather than borrowing nde’s copy after he and prophet were done. That was probably for the best, since the twins are very exhaustive in their game habits.

I named my character Victoria and finding a husband wasn’t a priority for me until all the Rabbits demanded I start flirting. I have interest in Gill, but with his preferred gifts being gold and silver, I deemed him being too avaricious. Since Toby is a more relaxed character, he seems more suitable in the simple life of farming. But surely Gill has a degree of innocence; the Harvest Sprites chose him to aid the Goddess. I’ll have to decide when I reach the Firefly Festival, as I’d rather not a repeat of seeing the Fireworks Festival alone.

Pat’s Story
Sex: Female
Choices as of this date: Jin (figures)
If replayed as male: None, it’s all about Jin

Pat, through prophet, says: Fucking Pat. Always choosing the Asians.

ed’s Story
Sex: Male
Choices as of this date: Luna
If replayed as female: Julius

ed, through prophet, says: “I’m gonna break that bitch.” That’s ed for you. Sidenote: I don’t think he’s ever going to get past spring.

Funny’s Story
Sex: Male
Choices as of this date: Anissa
If replayed as female: Luke

funny says: I chose Anissa because she’s one of the first you meet and her family’s all warm and cozy to me and that’s awesome. They have a farm too! So good family life. Also she is elfin.

prophet: Elfin?

funny: Like, her hair, her clothes…elfin! Not ears though.

prophet: It’s mind-boggling, but you seem to actually have rational reasons for liking Anissa. How far-out.

nde’s Story
Sex: Male
Choices as of this date: Phoebe
If replayed as female: Jin

nde says: I haven’t met Phoebe yet. I think I’ll choose her.

prophet’s Story
Sex: Male
Choices as of this date: Probably Renee
If replayed as female: Dunno

prophet says: I seriously can’t decide. Now, I started this as a guy, mainly because I was under impression if you go girl, you get fucked over at marriage and subsequent pregnancy, like literally. Have a kid, game ends, rah rah Japanese mindset, right? Well, apparently the game still goes on, even if you’re a bird with chick. Thank the fucking Moon Rabbit for that. That’s how it should be; think kids will stop a lady-farmer? Hell no. They raised those kids from dinks to doctors, all the while planting crops and shearing sheep. Course, I found out about the whole ‘being a girl doesn’t suck in this game’ deal AFTER I finished a season. Like hell I’m starting over now when I could just have a daughter.

Now, on love. I’m thinking Renee but I’ve still got other options like Anissa and Selena. Anissa’s the most blatant choice, given the whole family familiarity thing…which is why Funbuns chose her. Probably won’t pick Anissa since he’s already got that. Selena…I liked her little character story. Thought she was just an angsty runaway from a broken home? Nah, none of that shit here. Still, it was TOO little of a character story, plus Selena doesn’t seem like the type to fit well in a farm environment. Bet she’ll sleep around too (funny: Oh absolutely! Just look at that provocative dress and saucy temperament!).

So Renee. To me, she’s like the Ellen of the first Harvest Moon. In fact, that’s what she may as well be. Damn these Harvest Moon stock types. But she makes sense. Her family’s the animal place and Ellen has a cute intro. Had more impact on me than the others. Oh god what the fuck am I saying?

Patty: Fufufufufu, now you’re one of us!

funny: DARK SIDE.

prophet: Shut it.

Now Tree of Tranquility ain’t perfect, obviously. Might seem like we’re all going ga-ga over it but I got a lot of beef to fry. To start, we have some people we would just love to romance, but they’re not on the list: Bo and Elli. Bo for Booberella and Elli for anyone who has a maid fetish (yeah, I know Maya kinda covers the maid thing with that waitress uniform, but that’s still just a waitress uniform). Man, if only there was easy-to-use mod tools…

Speaking of mods, GLITCHES. nde and me, we’ve had no fuck-ups so far, but hilariously, whenever Booberella tries to play Lavie’s, it stalls. It’s like the game hates her or something, which is terrible, because now Booberella won’t ever get to experience the latest-gen Harvest Moon. Anyways, Natsume = glitches, this isn’t new, but what the hell we shouldn’t be used to this.

Motion controls are shit in Tree of Tranquility? Don’t know, none of us use that. Classic baby.

I personally wish we had an item organizer; maybe we do but fuck manuals. I’m pretty sure no one else reads them either, except Lavie. I probably should have, since I fucked up my first seed planting because I thought it was still 3×3 tiles instead of 1×6. Damn, that was lost profit.

Maybe it’s just the Rabbits, but it seems barely any of us actually farm. nde mines, Funbuns fishes, Pat…I don’t know. I have a preference for mining too, since I want to gold up all my tools. Lavie farms because she’s a straight-laced cunt with no zest for life. Cooking food for townspeople in the kitchen, keeping the women rights movement down, that’s what she’s doing.

Ink is a cockbite motherfucker who won’t play Tree of Tranquility. Oh sure, he doesn’t have a Wii but neither did Lavie and she got it like THAT. Fuck Ink.

Also, the Thousand Rabbits here have a tendency to destroy any sort of innocence or seriousness any game has. In Twilight Princess, all we could talk about was how Midna x Wolf Link porn (NSFW, surprise surprise) would implode the internet (PS: you can thank Pat for that link). Here, we’ve got ed and funbuns talking about the sex lives of all the adults (Elli as Hamilton’s slave, Sue and Samson making up through rough sex), Pat dreaming of hard Pascal x Main Character action, and me trying to figure out what drove the developers to include Luna, who is pure lolipop. Oh wait, that just answered my question, didn’t it?

Homies, if only we weren’t waist-deep in manhua and doujinshi…we should do Harvest Moon.

funny edit: Ohohoho, should we now?

Anyways, the Rabbits are overall happy with Tree of Tranquility. Lavie and Funbuns love it, Pat loves it but she’ll lose interest soon, probably when Eternal Sonata reenters orbit, ed and Ink don’t care, while nde plays it regardless. Myself? Yeah, I like it. It’s relaxing fun with more goal-oriented zen. It’s no great leap forward over the other games in the series…but hey, would you really want it to be?