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Biased Makenfuckers

Gaming in hard sex mode.

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This is not funny

“iTunes may not be able to connect with Yahoo! or Google. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and that you’ve entered the correct ID and password in iTunes. Connect iPhone to your computer, click the Info tab in iTunes, click Configure in the Contacts section, then enter your current ID and password.”

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Selvaria off the battlefield

Sorry kids, get the hell out. Mom is FUCKING PISSED. Featuring Valkyria Chronicles spoilers!

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Valkyur is Fight!


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Even if we can’t fly, it’s no problem:

Because we unravelled the candles' flames! Because we won't leave the secret there forever! Because we want sashay and dance eternal! Because we'll watch the world's end supernova!

Because we're Rabbits.


I love cute things and pretty things and megaten and artbooks and figures and bunnies and I can't draw but I can copy. I hate nothingness.

I'm funny_bunny the Internet pixie.


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